Writing Centers

I  worked as a graduate consultant at the Graduate Writing Center (GWC) of the Writing Program at Washington State University for almost four years. I also had the opportunity to serve as the GWC Coordinator for one year, an experience which  allowed me to learn more about writing center administration. I love working with graduate and postdoctoral academic writers. There is nothing more gratifying than hearing their success stories as a result of our collaboration: published articles, granted scholarships, academic appointments. 

Academic Administration

I have experience as an academic administrator in several functions. At Appalachian State University, I had the privilage to serve as the Assistant Director of  Watauga Global Community, a residential college. In this position, I was able to learn about curriculum development and its implementation. Our  unit had to navigate a complicated administrative system in order to safeguard and promote our program’s mission within the larger structure of the institution. For example, the courses offered through the college provided an alternative to the General Education classes and therefore had to both meet the university requirements and at the same time espouse our interdisciplinary philosophy. In my function as an International Outreach Coordinator for  International Programs  at the University of Idaho,  I learned how to organize events, promote programs, and spearhead initiatives in collaboration with different constituencies across campus.


I am committed to helping students succeed. I believe that the fist-year experience is crucial to student success. Over the last fifteen years, I have taught a number of classes that were designed to develop an excellent first-year experience for our undergraduate students. In the capacity of instructor of Italian language, I was teaching courses that were formative for of our first-year students and in line with the mission of the School of Language, Cultures, and Wolrld Affairs at the College of Charleston. As a teacher of composition, I have developed and taught classes with the purpose of developing writing and critical thinking skills. In my following position as a teacher and eventually assistant director of a residential college at Appalachian State University, I developed and taught courses that encouraged and promoted the development of an interdisciplinary perscpective and critical thinking skills.  My brief teaching experience at the University of Idaho was guided by the same goal--to improve and nurture critical thinking skills in my students. 

In the last several years, my teaching of writing has shifted to focus more on graduate and professional writers. Currently, I specialize in academic writing for graduate students, more specifically EFL students and majors in the STEM disciplines. 

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I have served the academic community in several ways. I have supported students, peers, and faculty in these efforts. For example, when I was an instructor of Italian at the College of Charleston, I wrote a grant to found an Italian Student Club and subsequently became its advisor.  At Appalachian State University, I was the liaison for a student exchange program between our school and Università degli studi di Trieste in Italy.  Currently, I serve the community of Washington State University by organizing and leading a workshop series on graduate writing through the WSU Professional Development Initiative